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Rich Santis and Lindsay Rakers ... and Whiskey Belt

The cutest couple in classic country:  Rich Santis and Lindsay Rakers … and Whiskey Belt

Hello Walls

Truck Drivin’ Man

Seven Lonely Days

What do you get when you take a good-timing front man, an effervescent front woman, classic country tunes, an allstar lineup of local music legends, and a nice shot of bourbon? The answer, friends, is Whiskey Belt. Putting a nice sparkly coating of modern grit on some boot-stompin’ honky-tonk songs, Whiskey Belt channels the Grand Ole Opry circa 1957. Just a little more dangerous.

At the helm are Rich DeSantis and Lindsay Jo Rakers, two firecrackers with a combined energy that is downright infectious. See them live and you won’t wonder why they are winning hearts and moving feet. You’ll be too busy doing the Texas two-step.


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